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Say When
Through May 4 at BoldHype Gallery;

Jason Limon's diamond-shaped acrylic on custom panels, "Seclusion," was red-tagged as sold by the time I got to the Say When opening last Saturday (April 4) at BoldHype, next to Stardust Video & Coffee. And so were a few other paintings (three to date, with a few more on hold), which means owner Eric Althin is doing something right: showing contemporary works by national artists for very reasonable prices. The artists mostly came from outside Orlando, except for Scott Scheidly (the artist behind the giant eyeball on our Florida Film Festival cover, March 26), and that's the way Althin wanted it.

"It's especially exciting because most of them are from and only show in NY, LA, Miami, Europe, etc., until now. Orlando hasn't really had a proper venue for New Contemporary Art (pop surrealism, lowbrow, urban contemporary, etc.), which is one of the reasons we started BoldHype," wrote Althin via e-mail.

For an example of the extremes on display, consider the naughty drawings by Andrew James Jones of London likely to bring out that 16-year-old within us all. If the cheeky images don't make you snicker, read the artist's short and to-the-point titles, such as "Licking" and "Jack," and you will.

On the other side of the spectrum is artist Amy Sol, who spent her childhood in Korea but now lives in Las Vegas. Innocence abounds in the subjects of her muted-color captures of girlish whimsy, which are perfectly framed to further extend the sense of delicacy. The dozen or so other artists in the show all held their ground, and can be seen in BoldHype's virtual gallery,

Overall, the lighting pleased the eye, the music allowed conversation, and there was a circular flow to the foot traffic that kept the energy moving. It felt like a gallery experience, not a pre-party in a makeshift venue. People came and went, hanging around the parking lot and Stardust next door until the show's close around 11 p.m. That's when Andrew Spear set up his tables inside Stardust for some after-show entertainment.

And that's when I stepped into the parking lot to score a few jellyfish from the back of Doug Rhodehamel's car. These were the famous specimens he created from plastic throwaways for his recent Night of a Thousand Jellyfish show — $5 a pop.

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