Sunday Film News Roundup -- August 14th, 2011

As the crazy days of summer draw to a close, with the tentpole pictures mostly behind us, we're starting to get a lot more choice in what to go see again.

This weekend saw openings of Final Destination 5, The Help, Another Earth, The Devil's Double, Glee 3D and 30 Minutes or Less not to mention the two-night engagement of The Troll Hunter at the Enzian.

Of course, of all of those freshmen releases it was sophomore Planet of the Apes that came out on top of the box office this weekened.  Maybe we don't want more choice? Or maybe we just really are still this crazy about monkeys.

The bigger question of the week, I think, is "why didn't more people go see Glee 3D?" Are people who watch religiously on television embarrassed to go out in public because someone they know who was seeing Planet of the Apes might see them and find out their secret? For shame, Gleeks, for shame.

Okay, enough of my babbling and on to the links.

-Kirk Douglas wrote a really moving letter to Vanity Fair in reply to Christopher Hitchen's article about losing his voice to cancer.

-Be sure to thank Howard Stern for that pirate copy of Super 8 you probably already downloaded.

-The London riots took out a warehouse full of indie film DVDs. Stupid, worthless yobs.

-How can you make a list of bad Southern accents without a Natalie Portman mention and expect it to be credible? You can't, that's how. (Though, those are some bad accents and it should have been the entire cast of True Blood -- nevermind how bad Glee is, how can you people watch that awful shit? I know, tits and abs. But still.)

-Let us forget about True Blood with some delicious shit: the 30 best filmmaker-on-filmmaker insults. A lot of it comes from one interview with Vincent Gallo where he shit all over everyone and everything, including Francis Ford Coppola, who he later worked with on Tetro (though before the interview was released).

-The first line in this article from the Telegraph about prequels is completely wrong. Prequels and sequels are not Hollywood's way of not thinking, they're Hollywood's way of avoiding all possible risk. Conversely, it's risky films that end up winning at the box office. Hollywood executives aren't dumb, they're just abject cowards who would be ridden out of town on a rail by Selznick, Cohn, Meyer and the Warner Brothers. I've never watched Inspector Morse, so the rest of the article doesn't interest me. I just wanted to bitch about the spineless executives who hold us hostage for our entertainment dollars.

-Speaking of executives and the stupid things they do, The Hollywood Reporter has a behind the scenes of Frank Darabont's ouster from The Walking Dead on AMC. The cost of the Maalox alone because of this article is probably eating heavily into the 30% tax credit that AMC is -- reportedly -- pocketing.

-Hey, I liked the first Bridget Jones movie. It was extremely charming, and Hugh Grant played, probably, his best devil character outside of About a Boy. But the second one was one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever seen. Surely the world does not need a third one. Speaking of needless sequels, I'm just going to pretend the fourth Austin Powers movie isn't happening.

-Here is a funny little post on Kevin Costner's scorekeeping in Field of Dreams. I get the urge to yell NERRRRRRRDS like Ogre at the beginning of Revenge of the Nerds after reading this, but it's still fun.

-Not film related, but Francis Bean Cobain is the It Girl of fashion models right now? Apparently everyone who tweets about fashion is tweeting up a storm, which explains why it took me a week to hear about it in the NYT. This is one of those surreal moments in life where you realize how fucking old you really are. (Mine and Justin's birthdays are both next month if anyone wants to buy us some Seconal and a bottle of Dasani.)

-The Lone Ranger is no more, after Disney pulled the plug on the $230+m adaptation starring Johnny Depp and a singular Armie Hammer.

-Morgan Spurlock interviews possible artists, possible fraud Mr. Brainwash about his feelings on Exit Through the Giftshop in this short video.

-Is Elena Anaya (Room in Rome, Sex & Lucia) Pedro Almadovar's new muse? She stars in his upcoming The Skin that I Inhabit.

-Trust me, NY Republican Peter King wasn't worried about special ops methods being outed in Katherine Bigelow's upcoming Seal Team 6 movie, he's worried that the film opens a month before the election and some people will remember that bin Laden is still dead and who gave the order.

-It's very unlike Criterion, but they've already announced three of their November titles (well, five of their November titles, really) between email and Facebook. Look for a DVD/Blu upgrade of Jean Renoir's The Rules of the Game, a DVD/Blu upgrade of Wes Anderson's Rushmore and Krzysztof Kie?lowski's The Three Colors Trilogy box set on DVD/Blu to be announced monday.

-Rumor has it that Giuseppe De Santis's Bitter Rice and Alfonso Cuarón's Y Tu Mama Tambien will be the other two announcements as well.

-Like they did with Solaris, Criterion are also having a sale on the remaining stock of The Rules of the Game DVDs if you use the promotion code REGLE at the official Criterion store.

-While we're on the subject, fucking release In the Moon for Love on Bluray already, Criterion, or give up the rights so someone else can.

-So, the Reek-O-Vision gimmick for Spy Kids 4 will just be a scratch and sniff card handed out with your glasses. Really. Please boycott this.

-The Guardian has the exclusive We Need to Talk about Kevin trailer. Looks goddamn creepy, but I have to say that I'm not all that impressed with the pullquote from the author of the book, calling it a brilliant adaptation. Dude, seriously.

-The guys over at have the first full trailer of Wong Kar Wai's The Grand Master, starring Little Tony Leung. Trying not to get prematurely excited for this because it's probably still 8 months to a year, if not longer, from coming out over here.

-Here is a longer trailer for Like Crazy. Becoming somewhat worried that they are revisiting the really bland Anton Yelchin/Jennifer Lawrence relationship that began in The Beaver. I don't mean to sound so anti-Jennifer Lawrence on this blog, but it boggles my mind that it's the same girl in Winter's Bone as it is in all of the other movies she's in. Speaking of Yelchin, though, everything about him changed when I was reading his IMDb page and saw that he was the kid who wouldn't  show Larry the magic trick on Curb Your Enthusiasm a few seasons ago, when he was like 14. (Something similar happened while I was in Denver and pointed out to someone both that Elijah Wood was in Back to the Future II and Toby Maguire was in The Wizard. Mind. Blown.)

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan in 50/50.

-Here is the trailer for Andrew Niccol's In Time, starring Justin Timberlake and Cilian Murphy. It has a similar feel to it as Gattaca, though it was the calm, unruffled perfection of Gattaca's atmosphere that I liked so much.

-Finally, Bert and Ernie: not riding the hobby horse together, even though they legally could.

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