The Band of the Name At the pinnacle of the band's popularity, everyone is going their separate ways. The release of Please Step Off the Miracle and Turn to Your Left is the end of the road for the peculiar, theatrical indie-pop of the Band of the Name, but they're going out with style at this CD release party. Rather than disappearing off the face of the Earth like most bands do, these locals are going all-out with a huge bash at the Peacock Room. Lane Barrington and the rest of the crew have booked all of their friends ... to perform Band of the Name songs. Mumpsy, The Heathens, DJ D003y D3c1mal, Watch Me Disappear, Pardon My Carbon, Dodger, Fall Apart Machine, Kristin Andre and Band Marino will perform live, Machinedrum and DJ Jaunty will appear via satellite. (Yeah, really.) Call it a tribute night to their own memory. (8 p.m. at the Peacock Room; free; 407-228-0048)


Demiricous We got pretty excited about Demiricous' new album, One (Hellbound), primarily because it delivered the straightforward heavy thrash that we love so much without sounding either sickly nostalgic or blindly trendy. Please keep in mind, when we say "heavy," we definitely mean heavy; Demiricous does not busy itself with unnecessarily complex changes, focusing instead on delivering a relentlessly powerful assault that's unashamed of its anger. (with Soilent Green; 7 p.m. at Will's Pub; all ages; $12; 407-898-5070)



Care Bears Live Think this is just another kiddie show coming to the Carr? We think not. This night marks the Orlando debut of "Caring and Sharing Friends," a live performance tour that's rounding up fans for the great comeback of these cute cult teddies equipped to handle adversaries with a mere Care Bear stare. To recap: Care Bears came about as a smarmy line of greeting cards in 1981, but were quickly turned into highly marketed stuffed animals — of different names and colors decorated with stars, hearts, rainbows — that saw more than $200 million in sales in 1984. A film racked up $23 million, and a successful TV show pushed the product even further into homes around the world. The French call 'em Bisounours (Kiss Bears) and in Latin America they're known as Los Ositos Cariñositos (which translates into something like "little bears to love in a way that's not romantic" — though we've come across a few websites detailing more alternative types of relationships). But several years ago, around the time of their 20th anniversary, a new owner of the tribe relaunched them, and they've been climbing back up the steps to fame and fortune ever since. A new DVD, Care Bears: Hearts at Sea, comes out July 11. And hot new songs are to be taken to heart at this appearance — "Wacky Moo Moo" and "It Takes You and Me." (7 p.m. Friday, 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday, 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Sunday at Carr Performing Arts Centre; $12-$20; 407-849-2020)


Patricia Griffin Like a Domino's Pizza version of Al Gore, Patricia Griffin wants to bring you the apocalypse without all the annoying waiting. In her self-published novel, Gaia's Revolt, a matter of hours is all it takes for a major upheaval in the Earth's crust to cause the immediate extinction of more than seven-eighths of our planet's population — and send heroine Jezzelle Kyle on a quest to locate the family she's sure is still living among the rubble. (And you thought finding your bags at OIA was a hassle.) Have your copy autographed by the Central Florida author at today's downtown book signing. And keep watching the ground. (10 a.m.-noon at Coffee House of Thornton Park; free; 407-426-8989)


Parrots in the Park In Orlando Weekly's continuing quest to stick up for our increasingly maligned feathered friends (see "Bird of paradise," June 1), we recommend on principle this monthly gathering of parrot fanciers and the beautifully plumed objects of their affection. They're colorful, endlessly entertaining, and the risk of them carrying avian flu is even lower than with pigeons. (It's the pets we're talking about here, not the owners.) Plus, it's fun to teach them to say the most despicable things. And now we're not sure who we mean. (11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Heritage Square; free)


Red, White and Zoo Surprisingly, there are ways to celebrate the Fourth of July without blowing stuff up. In honor of both the Central Florida Zoo's and the country's birthday, the zoo will be hosting a special celebration before all of the area's traditional events kick off. Local bands will provide live music while guests participate in games, crafts and even a watermelon-eating contest against an elephant. Other zoo animals and a magician will also be on hand to keep things interesting. Kick back, enjoy the food and festivities and feel confident in the fact that the animals all around you aren't just hallucinations induced by heat stroke … this time. (9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Central Florida Zoological Park; $8.95; 407-323-4450)



Pan American Games It's hard not to love a girl who can dish out an ass-kicking, and many worthy warriors — girls and guys, fresh and seasoned, from around the world — will be doing just that, playing by the rules in all-day competitions at the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations' Pan American Games. You've got your aero kickboxing routines set to music; your semi-contact, light contact, full contact and pro kickboxing (which requires proof that your heart can withstand the abuse). Keep your feet firmly on the floor unless you want to see some action. (form divisions begin 9 a.m., fighting divisions 10:30 a.m. at Coronado Springs Hotel and Convention Center; spectators $10; 407-934-7639;


The Storm Tour It's no secret that MySpace has young America's ear when it comes to music, and their sponsored tours have become the place to first spot the acts MTV will grab up way too late. And it's no secret that underground hip-hop has been struggling lately to maintain a sense of a credible struggle, now that MySpace can make giants out of nearly anyone. But until the inevitable backlash against both, the two camps have decided to stop worrying and love the exposure as Aceyalone, Ugly Duckling and the newly-formed-for-the-third-time Rawkus Records act the Procussions swing their backpacks into Central Florida. Decon's Aceyalone is always entertaining live, and if he's in the right mood, he might drop a "Billie Jean" freestyle that'll tear the roof off, but surprisingly — stunningly — the group to see here is Miami's own Mayday. Everyman rhymer Bernbiz, with the help of Plex and DJ Craze, have become instant sensations, the focus of major national press for their single "Groundhog Day" (with once-again phenom Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley). This may be the last chance to see them while they can still claim "struggling underground" status and before MTV comes slowly, creakily knocking. (featuring Ugly Duckling, Aceyalone, Mayday, Procussions, Diverse, Wrekonize; 9 p.m. at The Social; $15-$17; 407-246-1419)


Contributors: Jason Ferguson, Amber Foster, Steve Schneider, Lindy T. Shepherd, Justin Strout

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