See the best of filmed feline hijinks during CatVideoFest at the Enzian on Saturday

Proceeds benefit Pet Rescue by Judy. Purrfect.

CatVideoFest is this Saturday! - Photo courtesy the Enzian/Facebook
Photo courtesy the Enzian/Facebook
CatVideoFest is this Saturday!

Like many of you, we still spend a less-than-healthy amount of time each day doomscrolling through the news of the day and sundry other brain-numbing content. Each time we put the phone down, there’s the sting of a little bit more life wasted. That being said, those feelings never arise when we while away happy hours watching homemade content of pet cats being utter maniacs. This is quality time of the highest order.

To that end, the heroic CatVideoFest programmers have once again compiled a blockbuster reel of the best of these cat videos — felines acting cute, evil, humorously clumsy, or being exposed as aliens trying to pose as domesticated pets — that we can watch on the big screen like civilized humans. Proceeds benefit Pet Rescue by Judy. Purrfect.

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