Orlando Fringe 2022 Review: 'Leland Loves Bigfoot'

The Fringe fest's redneck answer to George Carlin

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Orlando Fringe

When a stranger in a Kentucky bar wearing a hat that reads “I pooped today” asks you back to his farm to meet Bigfoot, you say YES.

At least you do if you are comedian Stuart Huff, the Fringe circuit’s redneck answer to George Carlin, a keen observer of rural America’s absurdities who is always searching for his next side-splitting, thought-provoking tale.

If you’ve seen Stuart Huff at his previous Fringe Festivals appearances, you may not recognize him at first glance this year thanks to his COVID-era crazy old mountain man beard, but you’ll instantly recognize this stand-up master’s distinctive voice as soon as he launches into his latest hour of humane hilarity.

Perhaps Huff’s greatest talent is his ability to listen to absolute nonsense that he disagrees with — like the ramblings of a Scooby-Doo-obsessed moonshiner — and digest it into world-class comedy. Flat Earthers, crystal worshipers, and snake handlers all fall under his withering gaze, but Huff doesn’t merely mock their madness; he warmly embraces anyone (as long as they aren’t racist or homophobic) as part of the fabulously fabulist human family.

And lest you think Huff only shoots at backwoods targets, he also lets loose on Orlando’s money-sucking theme parks with dead-eye aim.

It can feel increasingly hard not to hate dangerous fools (especially those who vote) but Huff is here to remind us that anger isn’t the answer— love and laughter is. Huff says he likes to live in the zone between chaos and capitalism; I’d be happy to hang out there with him, if I get to hear more from this Festival’s finest stand-up performer.

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