Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser offers very timely advice to face the uncertainty of this Pisces season

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Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser offers very timely advice to face the uncertainty of this Pisces season
Illustration by Anna Cruz
Medieval folklore explains that in order for a tree’s branches to reach heaven, its roots must also reach hell. It seems that the deeper we find our truth and happiness, the more one must accept suffering as part of the growing process. This folklore explains that even the strongest trees are humble enough to bend in the wind. It’s simple really; to avoid suffering, is like avoiding the wind. One must learn to be humble enough to bend. Ernest Hemingway (writing for a far less new-age audience) even explained in The Sun Also Rises, “There is no reason why because it is dark you should look at things differently from when it is light.” These words deeply resonate and these concepts have become my daily mantras.

This month has felt chaotic to say the least. Uncertain decisions and big life changes looming around every mental corner. Guilt, fear of loss and moral complexes are seated at my nightly dinner table. It’s been a long time since I felt this insecure about my future. Caring for a parent with a terminal illness makes it difficult to plan months in advance. I am so used to being methodical. My processing system is all out of whack.

Regardless of how much I study astrology and flex my intuitive gifts, I still seek direct answers. I am undoubtedly impatient, yet I crave knowing that everything is going to work out. Paranoid, frustrated, nervous; I have been looking deep into my heart and still haven’t been able to muster up a clear, detailed life plan for the next year. Under current circumstances, it feels impossible to do so.

Before I moved abroad, I felt like I was nothing at all. Through hard work, independence and careful planning towards a future, I gained confidence. I dreamed big. I took large clients. I made a wide circle of unique, offbeat friends. In short, I finally thought I really knew myself. That’s how it was, at least for a while. Now faced with the reality of losing my mother with no exact end date in sight, I must humbly bend and learn to self-redefine. Get centered at the core of my beliefs. I must decide what really matters to me. I must let go as part of this process.

My north node, which determines big life lessons in a natal chart, is in Pisces. The watery archetype of learning to “let go” is my lifetime homework. This north node asks me to bend gracefully in harsh winds. In direct opposition to the polar archetype, Virgo, who plans everything to perfection, my goal is to simply “go with the flow” these days. My eyes roll back even as I type this. This type of mental slowing down and chilling out is painful for me. I am an avid planner, go-getter, note-taker, an OCD personality who lines things up in order of desired achievements.

However, I have come to terms with my natal chart, including the gifts of Pisces. Physical loss has repeated over and over again in my life. It is through these traumas that I’ve become more compassionate. Also, more spiritual. Through all of my losses, much was also gained. For those who already have a sun in Pisces, these emotional lessons are attributes you exude naturally. Emotionally deep, your watery sun sign plunged you from birth into the worlds of feeling and spiritual awakening. Now more than ever, I am in the process of learning to understand my emotions, really feel them, accept them and release them into a greater spiritual understanding.

This leads us all into Pisces season this month. People want to be seen. To be understood. However, this comes at the risk of showing emotions, being vulnerable. So, if you have also been feeling weighted down under a blanket of intensity, know this is just just our old pal Pisces. This heady celestial energy is sliding in to help you release toxic emotional patterns. When this watery sign merges with the fiery sun, it helps shed light on our truest selves and our deepest emotional needs.

Pisces asks you to be humble while facing harsh wind; bend, don’t break. Take down judgements of who you think you need to be in order to please the world, and just let it go. You are now defining the light and love that exists inside of you, while living in a world of turmoil and darkness. That is a gift many don’t get the chance to realize. You are blessed by your emotions. You are now being given the chance to really feel. Don’t disconnect. Stay strong. Let Pisces wash everything over us as we find out what our heart is calling for so we can really make our fullest dreams come true.

March Horoscopes for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Hello dependable rams, March is shaping up to bring in lots of positive vibes to your life. The month begins with Venus, the planet of love, in your sun sign. By March 5, Venus will then transit Taurus, its preferred sign. This will bring in a sense of balance to relationships. If you have been experiencing tension with others, this Venus transit is helping you find better ways to communicate with loved ones. It is bringing forth some much needed renewal to your love life. Likewise, the Spring Equinox will begin the sun's transit into Aries at the end of the month. Basically, the celestial world is preparing you for much-needed comfort. Taurus and Aries energy moving in for you will bring with it some material relaxation and visual beauty. Expect to spend more time in nature, expect to find lightness in relationships, expect to even learn new things about your personal needs. You’re just getting revved up to channel your own emotional spring cleaning.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Happy spring my grounded bulls! Well, we’re almost in spring season. This month kicks off the Spring Equinox, which will help us clear out some old habits. Pisces season, the 12th sign and last sun sign in the Zodiac, is helping us to push out the old in order to get ready for the new. Venus is going to transit your sign this month and it is so, so happy to be in Taurus. That is because Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. This will help bring in more comfort and stability to all of our lives. While Venus was transiting Aries (ruled by Mars, who is the opposite of Venus), it brings clashes, arguments and intensity in relationships. With Venus on your side this month, it will help you develop deeper relationships, more meaningful conversations (thank you Mercury direct in Pisces) and help you reflect on what your heart really wants. Venus represents our heart in a natal chart, sitting in your sun sign it will illuminate some dark areas for introspection. Whatever you desire, is worth desiring because you too, are worth everything you want.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Happy almost-spring my dual fishes! I am happy to tell you that Mercury is going direct again on March 10 in the sign of Aquarius (your sister sign). Mercury retrograde is quite hard on everyone, but as it is your ruling planet, you definitely feel the effects the most. If you’ve been feeling tongue-tied, sluggish, out of whack, unable to communicate, unable to get your point across; this is all that Mercury rx stuff people drone on and on about. By mid-month, right before the Spring Equinox, expect to feel a surge of energy. Mercury is your ruling planet and when it stabilizes with a sun in Pisces, expect to feel renewed and recharged. This was a time period for reevaluation. A hermitage really, into deeper introspection. Expect some lightbulbs to go off in areas where you’ve been questioning how to move forward (or not move forward). Essentially, March will bring you clarity, renewal and with Venus in Taurus, hopefully some kisses too.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Hello and happy March my beautiful, watery crabs! Welcome to the season of renewal! Spring Equinox is around the corner, starting on March 20, while the sun is transiting Pisces. Ruled by the element of water, both Pisces and Cancer are deep, intuitive creatures. However, where you differ is in your sense of personal expression. Cancer is the 4th sign, which rules the 4th house — representing home, comfort, nurturing of the heart. Pisces is the 12th sign, which rules the 12th house — representing spiritual centers, our dreams, nurturing of the soul. Like sisters, these houses are related but still different. With Pisces sun and Mercury energy this month, expect to do some soul-searching. This month is about renewal. Thus, the celestial transits are asking you to dig deep in what your heart really needs. Since your sun sign (Cancer) is ruled by the moon, you have a natural ability to express what's in your heart … but first you have to come out of your shell. In preparation for a new season, it is all about figuring out what your exact needs are, regardless of outside opinion. This month you’re given the opportunity to explore new waters and be straightforward with others about your feelings so you can bring in a new growing cycle.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
Happy almost spring my darling lions. I am sure you cannot WAIT to feel the warm sunshine on your body again. Ruled by the sun, you naturally exude warmth in your character. As we finally move away from Capricorn and Aquarius season (both ruled by Saturn, your planetary enemy), you can expect to feel warmer, brighter and happier. The qualities of the Sun moving through Pisces is going to help you become more aware of how your actions affect others. The key here is Pisces' 12th house energy — it is very different from your 5th house (Leo) energy. However, it brings with it a lot of wisdom. Think of it like the way your sun-ruled sign brings lightness; being a Leo makes you charming, warm, affectionate, caring, etc. This is the same way your sun will be affected by Pisces' watery energy. You may feel a sense of coolness, relaxation and healing. Please share this with others around you. You will become lighter and more awake in the world this month. In turn, you will experience others leaning on you. Give back, put yourself out there for friends and family, it will return tenfold.

Virgo (Aug.23-Sept. 22)
Welcome to renewal season, my sweet virgins! In the Zodiac, you are the polar sign of Pisces. You are literally the exact opposite sun energy that is moving in this month. This may leave you a bit unnerved at people, places and dilemmas. Pisces makes us reevaluate things on a higher plane, where virgo’s are very earthly, grounded and task oriented. Pisces may begin the month throwing you out of balance, however, this foundational shake-up should help you break loose of any bad habits. Likewise, the full moon will be in your sign on March 9. Expect to feel a surge of new ideas, thoughts, ways of being that weren’t as present before. Spring Equinox is about to hit; this is all about cleaning garbage out of old emotional closets. You may feel more on edge than other signs, as sun Pisces brings forth a sense of release, while moon in Virgo brings a sense of time constraints. Just know everything is in divine timing and you can plan as much as you can release. You can really do both.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct.22)
Happy almost spring, my creative Libras! Ruled by Venus, you will be happy to hear that the planet of love and beauty is transiting Taurus this month. Venus is most comfortable or happiest when transiting either libra and/or Taurus. However, while in Taurus this month, this planet will behave slightly differently than when moving through the Libra’s balanced scales. Taurus is about comfort, stability and material wealth. Venus here will bring a sense of settled comfort, and with the new Spring Equinox, possibly many new lovers, great job opportunities and a sense of humor! Venus in Taurus adds ease to relationships but it does bring up fears of stability. Taurus is rooted and grounded. It does not move easily. With watery Pisces moving through the transits, you may feel a need to move around in love and yet also break away from certain modes of stability. All of this is so confusing to a Libra; you can go back and forth in your head constantly. Don’t fret. The Spring Equinox on March 20 brings in your polar Sun sign, Aries, which will help you let go of any old behavior patterns or codependent streaks. This month is preparing you for further goal-setting and independence. Just hang in there, the warm, healing spring season is right around the corner.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Welcome to a new season this month my deep scorpions! With your sister sign Pisces transiting many of the planets this month, you are going to feel full of renewal. Scorpio rules the 8th house, representing death, sex and transformation. Pisces rules the 12th house, representing life after death, kinks and spiritual awakening. These two houses can have some great conversations. What this transit means for you this month is a process of waking up a bit more. Pisces is helping you put purpose behind your life. Pisces is helping you bring your energies up from hiding (something Scorpios love to do) and showcase a lot of your emotional weights in a safe space. You may find relationships become deeper with Venus transiting Taurus (your polar sign). You may get the chance to really connect with others this month, not in surface level ways. This will feed your soul and help you make better choices in your emotional world. You are asked to be seen this month at your core, don’t be afraid to show others who you really are. Your truth is important to the world and so is the trust that is being given to you now.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Hello my optimistic archers! Spring is right around the corner to start some fresh, new loving feelings for all! Ruled by Jupiter, representing luck and expansion, this planet is actually happiest when sitting in the sign of Pisces. As your sun energy merges with Pisces this month, it is all about optimism for you. You refuse to ever be defeated! With the world in chaos and fear, you refuse to back down to negative thinking. This is so crucial right now. Your bravery is the best emotion to unpack during Pisces season. You may find yourself up against the odds but it is in your ability to find hope that will inspire others to stay positive. Keep this up!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)
Hello my hard-working goats! I am so excited to tell you that Mars is transiting your sign. Exalted in Capricorn, Mars represents our drive to work and get things done. Here, Mars is thoughtful, tactful and structured. With the energy of this fiery planet on your side, expect a surge of energy. More so, with Mercury still in retrograde until March 10, you may find yourself finishing up old projects. Have you been putting off paperwork or taxes? This is the time to clean out your mental AND emotional closet. Pisces energy may also have you questioning your heart and soul. Which means, if you tend to be a workaholic, Pisces does want you to evaluate what is you work so hard for and why. These heady questions usually stand in the way for a rather stern and realistic Capricorn. However, they’re important questions to face right now at the time of spring renewal. Anything is possible. Pisces wants to help you manifest for your highest, truest good.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Good morrow and happy almost spring my water-bearers! Saturn, your ruling planet, is finally transiting in your sign this month starting on March 22. This is all about organizing for the future and clarifying goals. If you’ve been feeling foggy recently about which next steps to take, expect to start defining things more clearly over the next two months. Saturn will bring a lot of hard work, but your sun sign will offer progressive new ideas. You may be given a lot of options or opportunities at work. Don’t feel overwhelmed by choice. Saturn is helping you find focus, while Pisces this month is helping you look deep. Together, you are learning what matters most to you right now, so when you move forward in career, relationships or work, you will be really, truly, happy.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Welcome home to your sun season and the kickstart to a beautiful spring! Here we are my lovely fish, in your home sun sign, making waves for renewal. You are the last sign in the Zodiac, number 12. This represents the 12th house — spiritual renewal. In numerology, the number 12 represents a new birth. Through Cancer we learn the importance of nurturing our emotions, through Scorpio we learn the importance of transforming our emotions and now with your sun sign, Pisces, we learn the importance of releasing our emotions for a deeper purpose or awareness. With the Spring Equinox on March 20, you can expect to find a new sense of self. With the full moon in your polar sign, Virgo, in addition to Mercury in retrograde, there is a lot of old baggage coming up. Perhaps old faces will show or old relationships are renewed. This is all for your highest good. Ask yourself what really matters? What can you let go of to make space for something new in your life? What is it that your heart craves the most? You know exactly what needs to be released and what your heart really needs. Now just be brave enough to make space for it in your spiritual spring cleaning.
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