Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser looks at the energizing and calming effects of Virgo season

Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser looks at the energizing and calming effects of Virgo season
Illustration by Anna Cruz
For the past two months I have been traveling abroad in Europe. Recently I settled in Berlin. Since I was a kid, I fantasized about touring this continent with nothing more than a backpack. Now I was actually doing the damn thing. When I landed in Berlin, three planets went retrograde and Mars conjunct other planets in my first house. Finally living my dream come true, I walked off the plane suddenly tense.

During the multiple retrogrades and blood moon, Europe was also experiencing one of their worst heatwaves in over 30 years. There was no air conditioning available in 90 percent of buildings, and fans were sold out at every location. It was hot. Florida hot.

During this haze, I stopped connecting with family at home. Friends were sending angry messages that I was being flaky. I was dragged into a verbal altercation with a stranger at a bar. I could not energetically keep up with the movement around me. Just as I was starting the process of following my bliss, I was high-key blowing it at adulting.

This sudden planetary storm got me interested in learning more about the concept of locational astrology. Simply, there is a correspondence between the place you live, its planetary coordinates and how it relates to the angles in your natal chart. Astrological geography can offer insight into how happy or unhappy you will feel in cities throughout the world. Certain astrologers will suggest their clients completely relocate based on these predictions. Considering I was feeling anxious for the first time in weeks since traveling abroad, I was eager to use a locational astrology chart as a lens to determine the emotional impact of Germany.

My transits for Berlin gave me a lot to think about. It said relationships would have challenges. It said I would have to face subconscious fears. It even said I would be filled with emotional ecstasy. After all this research I thought to myself: So what? I anticipated that traveling abroad would come with a series of new lessons; that's why I am here. I need to work with these aspects and allow them to shape me. I need to dig deep and re-emerge wiser than before.

Researching locational astrology made me realize that whatever the reason, I was drawn here, pulled by a magnetic weight that I couldn’t see, touch or resist. We are drawn to places, like people, because intuitively we’re aware that whatever our spirit needs is waiting from afar to be tapped into. Likewise, many of us stay in one city for years. What I came to realize is that no matter where we are, no matter how difficult things seem in the moment, we are always gaining experience and wisdom.

September Horoscope for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

This month we are leading up to a full moon in Aries, opposite the sun in Libra (your polar sign). With the sun in your opposite sign, you may feel a desire to cool down your intensity and stamina, in order to get along better with others (aka the harmonious Libran). Libra sun will provide support in your existing relationships and can help you make sacrifices to be more available to others. However, as the month builds to the full moon in Aries, your mind will race with the need to exert yourself and be seen. When the moon is transiting your sun sign, it’s a chance to reevaluate what you are manifesting in the current moment. Full moons are about releases and renewals. Consider whether you have been fair with others when giving and receiving. As a fire sign, you are all about action. Aries does not always think long before reacting. This moon will give you a boost of confidence to create changes in your life and strengthen your connection to friends and family. You might even find yourself ready to make a bold choice in an existing relationship — whether in love or work — to achieve what you’ve been patiently waiting for.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
This month when the sun transits Virgo (your fellow friend sign), you will feel at peace with your social life and outward appearance. Tauruses notoriously cherish their home life, but this month's transits may have you feeling more inclined to relax around others in social settings. Virgo sun will amp up your integrity and logical reasoning, making it easy for others to depend on you for guidance. This may give you a confidence boost when you realize how many people come to you for support. On the flip side, sun in Virgo will also challenge you to become more organized. Although Taurus is a sign representing determination, they can often be sporadic in nature, spilling their energy in many places at once. This month pick one thing you can accomplish and focus all of your energy there. This month's transit will help you achieve it.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Dear Gemini, prepare your laid-back nature for Venus’ transit this month in Scorpio. Your usual charming and nonchalant mood while socializing will be challenged during this month’s transit. Venus represents our emotional heart and when it is in Scorpio, it will dig all those skeletons out of your closet. On the bright side, Venus in Scorpio is this month’s gift for emotional renewal. It will help you to face emotional issues you’ve been avoiding. Geminis are easy-going on the outside; that’s why they’re so easy to love. However, like all humans, we know you have a well of emotions lingering deep inside. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. With the sun and moon transiting Virgo this month (an earth sign), you will find an inner sense of peace that will come with this emotional release. This is also a great time to ramp up exercising as a healthy method to release irritability. Take a local kickboxing or acroyoga class. You may find there’s a lot of power lying patiently behind that cute smile.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Take a long rest on the beach this month, Cancer. After a long summer of intensely emotional transits for you, all that work is going to pay off this month. Virgo is transiting the sun, moon and Mercury this month and it will assist you getting things in order. This summer’s transits help you clear a lot of emotional blockages and authentically evaluate your true self. Without question, the blood moon last month alongside an eclipse asked you to release the old and open yourself to the new. This month you can let out a sigh of relief and experience the joy of your spiritual summer cleansing. Virgo’s transit will help you find stability. This is a great month to attend a meditation or singing bowl circle at a community event. You are a natural-born healer. This is your time to give that back to yourself.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
As we move out of Leo season into Virgo territory, you may be feeling a bit exhausted. This was indeed a hot summer and you consistently radiate warmth and strength. The past month asked you to evaluate yourself honestly and give back some self-love. As your sun sign transit ends, you may feel ready to allow yourself to simply relax and take life easy. This month you may feel inclined to spoil yourself a bit more in domestic matters. Virgos are hard-working, but they are earth signs and enjoy their downtime. This month will help you do exactly that. Find a new book to read in your backyard or relax on the couches at a local coffee spot. Get your iced latte to go and kick back at home with a new comedy special on Netflix.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
will actually change drastically Welcome home to your season, Virgo! Mercury, sun and moon are all transiting your sun sign. This pairing will help you feel more empowered than you have in a while. September may begin with some self-doubt (Virgos are known for their worrying!) but this month you will finally see your efforts paying off. Thanks to this celestial boost, those strict expectations you put on yourself will be viewed in a new light. Your responsibilities can bog you down with fear of failure, but this month that will change drastically into an awareness that you always get things done and have nothing to worry about. Simply, you will charge forward this month as things fall into order — even without you worrying about it! You will be able to release yourself from the pressure of “doing it right.” This month you won’t be so afraid of not doing everything perfectly. It is the small, messy details that make experiences worthwhile, because that's where we gain wisdom on how to improve for the next time. You can celebrate being you this month. Imperfections and all.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Hello harmony, Libra will still be transiting Venus at the beginning of the month, keeping you gliding past month’s waves of love. Relationships will continue to be in a harmonious phase. However, when Venus enters Scorpio on Sept. 9, you may feel the heat of jealousy or insecurity. Your usual desire to be balanced in all your life may be rocked by feelings that ask you to confront your fears that you’re not a good enough partner or friend. Libras usually spend their life seeking and learning balance. You can go from one extreme to another rather quickly. Scorpio will put you on edge and make you confront those deep fears of losing your balance and being emotionally vulnerable … which is actually a good thing! This month you may find what's been at the root of issues in your relationships, and as a Libra, you naturally have the grace and wisdom to change it. Being so flexible, once you confront your fear, you always know how to alter your perception so it will no longer rule your mind.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
On Sept. 9, Venus will enter Scorpio and you will be feeling ready to be romantic. You are an all-or-nothing sign. If you are single, you may feel the desire to express your feelings to someone or allow yourself to be vulnerable. Venus in Scorpio gives you the chance to release what you’ve been holding back in your heart. Scorpios tend to be secretive: afraid of being vulnerable and expressing authentic emotions out of fear of rejection. When Jupiter backs up Venus during this transit, you will feel empowered to be straightforward with people. The transits this summer have been tough; it has been a season of clearing out emotional blockage. The thing that we’re unable to realize when experiencing emotional turmoil is that we are strong and capable enough to face it. It’s just that we just don't realize this until it's over and we’re emotionally spent! This month gives you a chance to feel empowered by your vulnerability. It would be a great month to express yourself in a clear and focused manner (Virgo sun trait). An open poetry night at one of Orlando’s coffeehouses would be a fantastic activity for you! This month wear your heart on your sleeve.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
This month your natural optimism and joy in social settings might be clouded by the desire to work hard. As Virgo transits the sun, moon and Mercury, it will impact you with a vibration to focus, focus, focus. Sagittarius is a passionate fire sign, but at times can have a difficult time seeing the bigger picture when moving forward. Virgo will help you stay centered at work or school, assisting you in keeping an eye on the details when scheduling your week or completing paperwork. Often, your passion will keep you wrapped up in the moment and swept away by emotion. These transits will work to your benefit and ask you to buckle down and get serious about what you are trying to manifest in your professional life. Your work will pay off, too. This is a great pairing to help you get confident in scheduling a balanced work and social life. You can use Virgo transits to analyze where you want to achieve success.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Great news, my fellow goat sign: Saturn (your ruling planet) is going direct again in Capricorn after being retrograde since nearly April. When Saturn goes direct again, you will feel it. Saturn tends to slow things down, it requires patience and demands emotional maturity (hence, Capricorns tend to be hard-working and/or wise beyond their years even from a young age). Retrogrades slow things down further. That means that since April, Saturn's retrograde has been forcing you to take a slow, deep reflection on what actually creates joy to your life. Often, Capricorns will work hard in a professional field just because of Saturn’s strict influence — not because they actually enjoy the work. With sun, moon and Mercury in Virgo, it will hold space for you to create freedom in your professional life. If you’ve been feeling the desire to change jobs, change cities or change your emotional state, Virgo will allow you to feel at ease in your decision and gain traction in your goals. You can go easy on yourself this month and realize that you have all the skills to succeed in anything you do. Don’t let material possessions or external pressure deter you from how you actually enjoy spending your time working.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
This month Mars, the planet of passion and fire, is transiting your sun sign. This may attract you to unconventional people, places or events. Aquarius is the dreamer, Mars is the doer. This combination may influence you to take risks in your life you wouldn’t normally act upon. You have a unique perspective that is progressive in its nature. Use this month's transit to be as creative as possible. Let your freak flag fly. If you have any interest in writing, art or music, go ahead and pursue this with all the passion of Mars you have at your side this month. You can also use this transit at work or in social settings to help with team-building. You’re a natural leader by nature. You can feel confident in taking direction and bringing people together collectively. There are many opportunities in Orlando to be part of a bigger team, whether in urban farming, dancing or studying economics; use that revolutionary spirit to help others transform. You may surprise yourself in how much you can accomplish when working in group settings.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
This month the sun, moon and Mercury will enter Virgo, and it's considered a perfect celestial pairing. Virgo values discipline and consistency. Pisces is about going with the flow. You provide what the other one lacks, which creates harmony and balance. The planetary transits this month may have you feeling ready to make a commitment. Where have you been avoiding taking responsibility or making promises? This is a great month to analyze what has been holding you back from creating something steady. Whether it is love, work or spiritual and creative pursuits, allow the transits this month to pour yourself completely into whatever you do. You may find that being persistent and unwavering will bring about the results you’ve been hoping for. Virgo’s planetary lessons this month will teach you how to be fearless when you're ready to commit to your ideas.
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