Fringe 2019 Review: 'Pack Animals'

We all know the answer to the ancient question “Does a bear shit in the woods?,” but what about Girl Scouts? You’ll learn the truth behind that, along with other secrets you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, in the outrageously unconventional Pack Animals, a two-person comedy that’s improbably successful at integrating scatological satire and strident feminist polemic with ukulele solos and horny hand puppets.

Holly (Holly Brinkman) is a goody-two-shoes Woodpecker at Camp 69 who’s an expert at pitching a tent; Sarah (S.E. Grummett) is a not-so eager Beaver from Oyster Bay whose heavy eye makeup tells you that they're from a troubled home. When they get lost in the woods together, they must learn to put aside their differences and team up to survive menstruation-induced wildlife attacks, areola-attacking insects, and fornicating forest faeries.

Normally, this is where I’d insert some constructive criticism, but I don’t want to be accused of mansplaining to this postmodern Lucy-and-Ethel pairing. Suffice to say, assuming you can stomach some spicy, salty, camp(y) chili, you should pack your knapsack (but ditch your compass) and go into the woods with these thought- and laugh- provoking performers.

Pack Animals
Scantily Glad Theatre
Victoria British Columbia CANADA
Ages 13 and up
60 minutes
Friday, May 17th 8:15 PM
Sunday, May 19th 4:45 PM
Wednesday, May 22nd 6:00 PM
Friday, May 24th 7:45 PM
Saturday, May 25th 4:20 PM
Sunday, May 26th 1:00 PM  
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