First ever 'Florida Man Games brings 'evading arrest,' 'beer belly sumo' contests next year


click to enlarge First ever 'Florida Man Games brings 'evading arrest,' 'beer belly sumo' contests next year
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The infamous “Florida man” meme every Floridian knows all too well is soon becoming a real life experience.

The first-ever “Florida Man Games” is set to debut in St. Augustine early next year, inviting guests and competitors to unleash their wild side.

The contest will include events like the Evading Arrest Obstacle Course, the Category 5 Cash Grab and the self-explanatory beer-belly wrestling.

The Evading Arrest Obstacle Course will consist of hurdles over fences and other obstacles while being chased by police officers, the organizers told AP News. The other events will include activities like grabbing cash in a windstorm and rustles between the largest beer bellies.

The contest’s organizers told AP to expect the unexpected — guns, liquor, alligators, and anything you’d associate with the title “Florida Man.”

According to the Florida Man Games’ website, events planned are:
  • Weaponized Pool Noodle Mud Duel: Test your strength inside the Florida Man Games Colosseum (an above-ground pool filled with mud). Melfi added that contestants will be wearing drunk goggles.
  • Chicken Coop Bingo: Two chickens will decide whether you win or lose in this fun, dirty game.
  • 911 Fight Night, Brawl of the Badges: Police officers and firefighters square off to close the inaugural Florida Man Games.
  • Category 5 Cash Grab: Subject yourself to Category 5 winds as you scramble to catch as much real cash as you can.
  • Evading Arrest Obstacle Course: Jump over fences, through backyards and away from actual police officers to earn your freedom.
  • Mullet Contest: Florida is well-known for being the home of the most outrageous mullet cuts on the planet. Watch and pick the winners.
  • Florida Ma’am Pinup: A contest of wild and wonderful women of Florida, judged by some of Florida’s “most notable women.”
  • A catalytic converter, two bikes and a handful of copper pipes: Race against time: Compete head-to-head in a race that lets you live a day in the life of a Florida man headline.
  • Beer Belly Florida Sumo: Dive into the beer belly of the beast as you try to blast your opponent out of the ring.
The event will sell general admission tickets for $45, which can be purchased here.

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