Create your own content with TikTok and YouTube influencers during Content Z party in Orlando this weekend

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click to enlarge Daveron Stewart (left), an on-the-rise YouTuber, is one of four event hosts for Content Z, an event created by I-4 Chapman (right) - Photo by Sarah Kinbar
Photo by Sarah Kinbar
Daveron Stewart (left), an on-the-rise YouTuber, is one of four event hosts for Content Z, an event created by I-4 Chapman (right)

Promoter I-4 Chapman has earned quite the local following for bringing nightlife events to Orlando, and this week he’s branching out into new territory: social media influencers.

On Saturday night, Jan. 21, Chapman is putting on his first-ever influencer event. It’s called Content Z, and features four social media influencers big on YouTube and TikTok taking on hosting duties. Daveron Stewart, Kervo Dolo, Lil Mark and CNL Jay are the big draws anchoring the evening.

“I'm a big YouTube junkie. I'm seeing that these influencers are like rockstars. They're the ones who really are controlling the narrative,” said Chapman.

If you’re wondering what an influencer event is, you probably don’t spend much time on TikTok. And that’s OK. But if you are a committed fan, you know the score: You will meet the influencers you follow, and you’ll get to create content with them for your own channels.

“For my own YouTube, I decide what the content is. But at this event, people can come up to me and ask me to be a part of what they are making. So it’s about their vision. I’m here to support them," explains Stewart. "It’s not about them being fans. One of the ways I show love is to deal with people as people, not as me being more important because I have a following.”

In addition to making content with these influencers — and there are expected to be many other influencers in attendance — you’ll be in the room when those same influencers are interviewed for live podcasts. These are a string of popular podcasters ready to record at the event, too, and more than a little how-to knowledge will be shared on the night about building your own brand.

“There’s also going to be a moderated panel discussion so the audience can ask the influencers questions and learn tips on how to grow their own social media following,” said Chapman. “We just had a new sponsor sign on, Orlando Jobs. The reason that’s important is that when you are first getting involved in influencer marketing, which many of the attendees at the event want to do, you don’t have a stable income yet. You have to have a regular job. It isn’t until you have learned to navigate life as an influencer that you can quit your job. Once you’re deep into it, being an influencer is a demanding job itself, but you have to build up to that.”

Content Z happens on Saturday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. at Genasis Event Center (5059 Edgewater Drive). Tickets are $14-$20 and available through Eventbrite.

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