Conceptual horror experiment 'The Shining: Forwards and Backwards' screens in Orlando on Friday

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click to enlarge 'The Shining: Forwards and Backwards' screens late Friday night - Image courtesy the Enzian Theater
Image courtesy the Enzian Theater
'The Shining: Forwards and Backwards' screens late Friday night

Everyone’s heard of the “Dark Side of the Rainbow” or “the Wizard of Floyd” — the enduring high-dea that Pink Floyd’s psych opus Dark Side of the Moon album syncs perfectly to Technicolor brainwarp The Wizard of Oz, if you hit play on the album at the same moment as the MGM lion’s third roar. (This synchronicity trick also works uncannily well with every Wu-Tang album and every kung-fu movie. Try it.)

While the effect is an example of apophenia, not proof that Roger Waters had a secret fixation on Judy Garland, it’s undeniably entertaining to see the alignments your brain can create when prompted.

When, in a similar vein, an acquaintance opined to Brooklyn musician John Fell Ryan that “The Shining is a film meant to be watched both forwards and backwards,” Ryan took the assignment literally.

From that tossed-off utterance he and filmmaker Akiva Saunders created a conceptual mindfuck, a visual tesseract, a kaleidoscopic poem: two projections of The Shining superimposed on the same screen, overlaying the ratcheting dread of the film’s beginning with the horrors of its dénouement.

This masterwork of juxtaposed significances makes its Central Florida debut Friday night at the Enzian’s Freaky Friday series; highly recommended.

11:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 9, Enzian Theater, 1300 Orlando Ave., Maitland,, $11.

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