Bill Maher brings his politically charged comedy to Dr. Phillips Center

It’s gotta be difficult getting opposing sides of the culture war to despise you for completely different things, but Bill Maher, longtime host of HBO’s Real Time, has somehow managed it. While the right has long despised Maher for what they view as smarmy liberal elitism – he famously critiqued the characterization of terrorists as “cowardly” on his former talk show, Politically Incorrect, and starred in the documentary Religulous, in which he derides organized religion as a scam. But this year, Maher has had to duck swings from the left after booking internet hatemonger Milo Yiannopolous on his show, a move which critics say lent legitimacy to Yiannopolous’ particularly vile brand of jackassery. Then, just last month, Maher flippantly referred to himself as a “house” you-know-what on live TV – a gaffe that Maher attempted to address head-on the following week. Expect to hear his side of all this and more when Maher takes the stage at the Dr. Phillips Center this week for a night of politically charged comedy. And hey, a guy who can unite the political divide in this country on anything has to be doing something right … right? 

Saturday, 8 p.m. | Walt Disney Theater, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, 445 S. Magnolia St. | 844-513-2014 | | $45-$110

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