A look back at '99 -- the year that was

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The countdown has begun.

And? You thought maybe we'd sit back like everyone else? Perhaps wait for the new year actually to expire before issuing our pronouncements on the achievements of mankind at the approaching end of a decade, a century, indeed a -- shall we say it? -- millennium, which we only recently discovered has two Ns, having been forced to type the word a thousand times ourselves in the last two weeks?

Sure, we could do that. But by then you won't care. We neither. So before our collective patience for reflection implodes, we offer this look back at 1999 -- all seven days of it. This way, we beat the rush.

And we promise: This is the last you'll hear about it from us. Unless, you know, something really big happens.

This bug's life

1999 Year in review

Man of the year: Vernon Eloysius Johnson

Top movies of 1999

Sounds to savor as the best so far

Band of the year: Frankie and the West End Boys

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