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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser urges us to bask in the healing sunshine of Leo season

Posted By on Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 2:44 PM

  • Illustration by Anna Cruz
My father and I have had a windy, tumultuous and interesting journey together. When I was a kid, I can recall worshipping the ground he walked on. As a little girl, I didn’t want to play with dolls; I wanted to watch the Yankees game with my dad. When I was about six or seven years old, I purchased a fake razor blade at the toy store so I could “pretend shave” next to him in the morning. I thought my dad was the funniest, coolest guy who could charm the panties off a nun. I wanted to be just like him.

However, as I grew up, my parents went through an ugly divorce. Brutal, really. My father moved away and quickly became less and less a part of my daily life. Yet, my dad still wanted to enforce his rules from afar. As a teen, I saw my dad as unreasonable, strict, selfish, controlling and harshly critical. If I sent him a picture of myself with friends, he would ask interrogative questions. If my mother didn’t have money to eat, he couldn’t financially help. It was this type of broken communication and inconsistent support that made it difficult for us to speak for many years. In many ways, I blamed him and, I also blamed myself.

Our sun sign represents our fathers in astrology. Yes, our sun sign also represents certain quirky personality traits we embody. However, in a full birth reading, the sign and house your sun sits in will tell a lot about your father. Likewise, The sun is a powerful, vital, integral force of our daily life – no one can deny this. The sun is our energy, our daily alarm clock and also, our free tanning salon. In mythology, the sun rules the sign of Leo and, as the king, feels home in this warm and confident sign. In fact, Leo season is all about shining and letting your inner light show through.

Leo (or the Lion) is considered one of the earliest constellations to have been recorded. The mythology behind Leo goes back as far as the Mesopotamians, who were considered the first to document it. Nearly every ancient culture recognized and honored the star system ruled by the Lion. This combination of the sun in the sign of Leo is just so damn bright and regal. Since Leos are associated with masculinity, courage and protection, this sun sign is all about showing off their glory. Leos are protective, honest, magnetic, caring, generous and warm.

Today, I am proud to tell others that I love my dad. Over the past few years, I am lucky to have been able to reopen communication and grow tremendously, both emotionally and spiritually, alongside him. So, I encourage you to dig a bit deeper this season into not only self-love but also love for our fathers. They are the kings of our world and they need healing too. I dedicate this piece to the man who inspired me to always believe in myself.

No matter what your relationship has been with your father thus far, it is part of your karmic destiny. Your sun (or your father) taught you how to shine. Your father instilled in you the ego (or lack thereof) you walk around carrying today. It is not a light burden to carry. Yet, it must be healed, loved and forgiven; so you can shine even brighter. If you have a great relationship with your father, then I ask that you call and thank him. If you have never met your father, if he’s a giant jerkoff or, perhaps, if he has already passed, then I ask that you write him a letter, read it aloud and then burn it. We all need to step into the light of healed masculinity and it begins with forgiving the men who raised us. Leo season brings forth confidence and fatherly love.

August Horoscopes for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Roarrrr my little rams! Your fellow fire sign Leo is here to burst your doors to healing wide open! With the new moon, sun and Venus currently transiting Leo early this month, the ruling sign of the sun brings in new life and vitality to your doorstep! The energy of this sign represents all elements of the sun and thus, new life can be birthed! Likewise, a new you can be birthed! As the fifth sign, Leo rules the fifth house of creativity and self-expression. You can utilize the energy of this season to be more creative in anyway you please! Your polar sign, Libra, often gets all the attention for being the “arteeest.” Yet, Leo encourages passion, courage and boldness. This season, as Mercury stops being in retrograde (thank you Jesus!) and transits the sign of Leo, is all about opening up, verbally expressing yourself and feeling confident enough to let your inner darkness shine.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Me-owww to my baby bulls! As Leo the lion swoops in this season you might find yourself ready to battle the beast within! As fixed signs, these energies value stability and affection. With a new moon and sun in Leo, these energies can help release that passionate side you’re usually too proud to show. Leo rules over the heart and loves to be adored. That energy this month helps increase romance and seduction in relationships. However, it also ups our ego’s desire to be loved. This can be a tricky time for a Taurus who values living in grounded reality. Use the energy this month to open yourself up to new experiences. You might find that you needed some fire to destroy some old, bad habits.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Cat’s finally out of the bag this summer, dear twins! Leo season is rolling in and brings with it all of the fun curiosity of your childhood. Since Leo is the fifth sign, it rules the fifth house in a natal chart. The fifth house is all about curiosity, childlike play and creative expression. Leo sun can and will bring out your love for simply being silly. This would be a great month to go to a comedy or improv show. Although Leo new moon energy can often make other signs feel the need to assert themselves more independently, this will be even more so for a Gemini. Why? Well, you’re ruled by twins or the number two. You are karmically working out a process of merging your inner-self with your outer personality. So, when Leo (the bold king) starts shining his sun rays, the ego tends to flare up. Although you will find yourself feeling healed by this energy in the sense of childhood expression, you may also feel the pressure to be more independent in your daily life.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Hello cute crabs, the sun is here to warm your waves! With Leo season underway transiting the new moon, sun and Venus early this month, you will be filled with all the healing energy of the sun and the confidence of the Lion. Although your season has finally ended, you may still be feeling sensitive and raw from all the inner cleansing completed. Leo season brings a new sense of vitality and wellness to our world! The sun is our natural cleanser, brightener and energy giver! Thus, the new Leo sun transiting will ask you to dig deep into the wounds of the ego. Leo helps a shy-shelled Cancer crab feel safe to walk outside again. Leo asks, where can you express yourself in ways that feel good? How do you allow yourself to be seen and shine? Can you make a larger impact in your community or social group? Knock, knock. Turns out you're 100 percent that bitch. Let people know who you are, you are worthy of being adored.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
ROAR. Welcome home king, royalty has officially arrived in the building. This season, with your sun sign transiting the new moon, Venus and Mercury, you are going to feel like you’re ready to start fully embracing and being yourself. The energy of the Leo does not waste time on other people's problems or stories. A king is far too busy to deal with peasants. However, this month you have a new chance to rewrite your next chapter. This season is all about not just being simply self-aware, but also coming to terms with the struggles of life thus far. In the acceptance of all that has been, you will be able to reorganize the details of your life in a way where you can spin your story anyway you want. Leos are meant to shine, inspire, be seen and finally, lift people up. Use all of the strength you carry inside to restructure  ego into self-acceptance (not doubt) and use a platform to start telling your story. Whether you use Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat (I don’t care), start speaking from your heart. Leo rules over the heart and this month is all about healing, stories of hope and confidence. Share your gospel and let the church say amen to that.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)
Purrr, my innocent virgins. Leo season is here to bring some self-love to your life. Virgos are often known as “the critic” in astrology. This is because they rarely let others off without first letting them know what and how they think. You carry the tools, the box and the step-by-step directions to help others live life better. However, this type of direct home-improvement style analysis would destroy a Leo – you never insult the king! In short, Leos love praise and attention. Virgos would never stand for such useless fluff. However, the karmic lesson this month for you is in learning how to relate better to your own sense of judgement. Does it always feel good being right? Wouldn’t it feel better sometimes to simply just be, say, happy? Leo’s dominating sun energy this month is all about letting your hair down and basking in the sunshine. Leo sun and new moon say to not worry so much about following the rules, make up your own this month! Let yourself feel like a king or queen!

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Meow, meow! Lion season is here this month kicking off a sun, new moon and Venus transiting Leo. Libra is ruled by the planet of Venus, who is not a friend to the sun. The sun can often burn the soft, sensitive planet of Venus. However, Leos and Libras share an equal love of passion, honesty and romance when it comes to relationships. This month with the Leo transit you may find yourself ready to make peace with the men in your life or, at the very least, create a conscious awareness that masculinity is an integral part of every single one of us. Yes, toxic masculinity is to be avoided at all costs. However, Libra as a feminine sign (whether male or female) may struggle with their masculine yang side. It is important that you use Leo sun energy to heal this part of yourself this month by embracing your “masculine” qualities and learning to integrate and accept them as part of your whole self.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Purrrrr, meow, ROAR. Welcome to your favorite fire sign season dear scorpions. It’s true, no other sign will ever come close to your personal passion. However, Leo’s are probably second on the list. With the planet of Venus in Leo this month, it steps up the energy of all collective heart-space to be more romantic, passionate and forgiving. Leo is a dream come true for a Scorpio. They know all the right things to say and places to touch to make you feel safe and nurtured. The fire of Leo this month is ideal to bring a boil to your deep, deep murky waters. This type of yang energy will help change your natural course to be more present with male energy this month. Likewise, it will increase your creativity and courage. Leo helps you release the emotions you tend to bottle inside. While Mercury transits Leo this month, it would be a great time to do some vocal yoga or music therapy. Even if you simply sit in the car and belt out tunes, use the boldness of the Leo archetype to inspire you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Likewise, the assertive nature of singing without a care will help release some of the bodies tensions. Leo season is all about healing and even the natural healer needs some heat.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Hisssss, your feline friend Leo is here this month to help you cultivate your boss bitch. This month is all about expressing leadership qualities. Leo is a fellow fire sign and as the sun transits this archetype this month, and you have a chance to step into a renewed sense of personal power. Jupiter (your ruling planet) is direct again this month in your sun sign. This will bring additional luck and wisdom to your professional work life. Likewise, Jupiter represents a husband figure in an astrology chart. With Leo energy from the sun, we are in the phase of bringing healing to the men around us, as well as the masculine parts of ourselves. If you find yourself focusing on independence, courage and assertiveness in the workplace then I also ask you bring patience, calm and vulnerability to the men currently surrounding you. Use your gift for wisdom to find the balance in yourself and share it with others.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Purrrr my serious goats, Leo season is here to inspire you! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the bitter enemy of the sun. Saturn is all about hard work, discipline and is cold/dark by nature. The sun, well, you know, sits on the beach and drinks pina coladas! So, needless to say, they usually fight when placed together in an astrology chart. However, if anyone needs some sunshine, it’s a Capricorn. In fact, this is a great month to review all your accomplishments from 2019 so far and give yourself a serious pat on the back. Leo season helps you move from your ego being all about status, to your ego recognizing all your hard work and feeling accomplished. This season with Leo at your back, reflect on your previous goals (no matter how small), honor them and treat yo’ self. In fact, buy something nice, get a delicious meal or do something that celebrates you. Leo sun says to not only shine bright but stand up and feel worthy of it.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
Oh the paw-ssibilities this month, my dear water bearers! The ferocious feline Leo is in town this month helping you be more playful and generous. Leo is your polar sun sign. It sits exactly 180 degrees apart from Aquarius in your natal chart. This means the energy of Leo is your karmic match. Although vastly different from your Aquarian nature, Leo energy this season helps bring in a playful side to your personality that needs reawakening every so often. With a new moon, sun, Venus and Mercury transiting Leo, it will help open your heart-space up in new ways. In short, this would be a great month to give back to others. Perhaps volunteering some time feeding the homeless with Food Not Bombs Orlando or collecting some beer cans at Wekiwa Springs? Leo helps remind you that although you’re the sun sign representing a carefree spirit, you have a huge, generous heart. Help others see this side of you this month and have fun while doing it!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Roar, roar, roar and more roar to my sweet fishes! Leo season is here to open and heal your heart-space and strength! As a sensitive (and often empathic) water sign, you have can have a hard time being straightforward, assertive and direct with others. Leo is all about self-acceptance and forgiveness. Secondly, the sun in Leo will help you feel more at home with calling people out when they cross a boundary. It is an important lesson for you to remember that you can create boundaries and be direct, while still remaining in your integrity. Leo opens your heart-space to let all truths and feelings out. This then helps others understand your needs better so you are able to create stronger connections. You don’t always have to be the savior, sometimes you can just be the king!

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