Monday, March 31, 2014

BLOWIN' ALL MY STACKS: It's John Morgan's birthday, also his son Dan's – HE HAS A RAP SONG, Y'KNOW

Posted on Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:53 AM


Even though it's not on his facebook page – which, as we all know, is the only way we know who was born when anymore – it's everybody's favorite pot delivery man (and funder of candidates) John Morgan's special day today. It's also his son Dan's birthday, which is kind of awesome in a dynastic way. Back on Friday, while we were probably looking for medical marijuana, Morgan threw a little jam up on our personal facebook page, saying "I thought you might like." It was a Soundcloud (literally, see above... and below) of really interesting hip-hop shenanigans about being too rich, something called "Blowin' All My Stack" by someone name DMO Swag, and it's been out for a year. Why should we care? Because DMO Swag is actually one Daniel Morgan, the Morgan spawn who is NOT currently in the For the People television junket of professional kinship. HE ALSO KNOWS A BASKETBALL PLAYER! THANKS TWITTER!


Anyway, you haven't lived until you've heard "Blowin All My Stacks" in its entirety, with all it's talk about being so rich that your cash throws up and ITS NAMECHECK OF BUDDY DYER. For your Monday rich-people birthday party listening pleasure, here it is! YOU'RE WELCOME.

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