Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OW goes to the RNC: Mitt Romney, get your hand out of my pocket! (UPDATE!)

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Billy’s doing his hair right now, which means I have a couple hours to kill (kidding, kidding). In the meantime, here’s a rundown of some convention-related odds and ends we’ve come across this morning.

  • Here’s a creepy new MoveOn.org ad (from which the screen grab above was taken) for your viewing pleasure.
  • And a less creepy, more effective DNC ad: “Mitt Romney: You didn’t build that, you destroyed it.”
  • Random thought: Why do the RNC security cops look like rejected CHiPs extras?
  • This is an actual statement from anti-abortion zealots Operation Rescue: “Heaven sent a hurricane to hold off Gov. Romney’s coronation, so today we’re urging pro-life GOP delegates to abstain from any voting on Romney’s nomination until all GOP financial support for Todd Akin is reinstated and details of Romney’s income tax returns in connection with Bain’s Stericycle investment have been made public.”
  • The Texas delegation was about to cause a shitstorm over new RNC rules designed to limit the influence of insurgents (read: Ron Paul), but a compromise has apparently been reached. Crisis averted.
  • And the Romney camp has decided (and said out loud!) that, quote, “We won’t let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.” Reality is so overrated.
  • UPDATE! The Dead Republicans’ Club! Just in from the RNC, the convention will be honoring (by virtue of a rolling screen of names, which screams respect like nothing else) famous Republicans who’ve go on Ronald Reagan’s Bosom in the Sky, including: Andrew Breitbart, Al Haig Jr., Jack Kemp, Ted Stevens, and a bunch of people we’ve never heard of.
  • UPDATE 2! From the Tampa Bay Times: “If Florida Republicans already didn't  feel left out in their party's convention, they just might right about now. Excited to board the buses at noon that would haul them 30 miles to the RNC, they were told that the buses were late. The RNC forgot to send them. Now they would have to wait. When the replacement buses would come was not announced. “Well, that sucks,” said Hillsborough County GOP chair Art Wood, wiping sweat from his brow. It was 90 degrees out. “I guess it won't be the first glitch.”

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