Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey white people! Barack Obama would like to have sex with your children!

Posted on Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 8:32 AM

America, John McCain thinks you're stupid. According to the polls, he may be right.

Basically, McCain has given up talking about anything, mainly because he has nothing good to talk about. So instead, his campaign is making shit up about Barack Obama, the scary liberal (cough: black dude: cough) Democratic candidate for president - who wants to raise your taxes (even when he won't) - and making up shit about his own ticket - Sarah Palin was against the Bridge to Nowhere (even when she wasn't).

Now, McCain-Palin has sunk to a whole new low with a pair of ads that are so insanely dishonest and despicable that they would make Lee Atwater blush. Well, if he had a soul.

Watch 'em after the jump


McCain says Obama called Palin a pig, when, you know, he didn't.

This is what Obama actually said:

Then, McCain tells everyone that Obama wants to fuck your babies teach your kids about sex in kindergarten, when in fact the legislation that ad is talking about teaches kids to tell an adult if they're inappropriately touched.


There was a point where John McCain had honor. It was a while ago.


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