Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MORE (!) Palin stupidity - now with update

Posted on Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 12:24 PM

Swear to God, I'm going to stop beating this horse â?¦ when she stops delivering such effin awesome material. If her crazy church doesn't bug you, nor the fact that she's lying her ass off about the Bridge to Nowhere, even when she's being called on it left and right, nor the fact that she requested more per capita earmarks than any other state as governor despite her supposed mavericky-ness nor the abuse of power allegations, check out these three new revelations after the jump.


1.) Palin's Wasilla charged women who were victims of sexual assault for their rape kits. Allow me to repeat: Her administration charged women who were victims of sexual assault for their rape kits. That is, until a state law forbid it, after which her appointed police chief whined about it. So, ladies, if you were raped in Palin's hometown, and you wanted to send the sonofabitch to jail, hope you've got some insurance or at least a couple hundred bucks handy, or else you're apparently up shit creek. Compassionate conservatism on display. And of course, should your rapist knock you up, Sarah would like the government to insist that you keep the baby, because Jesus says so or something.

2.) In her 19 months as governor, she has sought travel-related reimbursements for 312 nights that she spent at her own house! Seriously.

3.) She's not totally clear on how Fannie and Freddie work, but she's totally ready to take over if Old Man McCain croaks on Day One.

In all seriousness, I can't believe there are people who are falling for The Snowbilly Charade. This woman's a joke.

Update! Turns out if you have intercourse with one of Palin's friends, she'll fire your ass.

And since I'm here, I'll respond a bit to my anonymous commenter(s).

1.) You can only collect from a bad guy if you catch said bad guy. If you don't, well, then what happens? And really, I don't care if this policy is enshrined in stone tablets somewhere, it's still ridiculous, and the idea that Palin's administration (her appointed chief of police) was fighting a progressive change on behalf of raped women doesn't speak well for her.

2.) Illegal? No. Unethical? Depends on your point of view. The disparity here is between who Palin is and the image the McCain folks have tried to portray, which is certainly huge. She didn't fire the cook. She didn't sell the plane on eBay. I'm challenging the bullshit narrative they're trying to create. And I'm right, insults aside.

3.) I would assume that an individual running for VPOTUS would know, as I know, that Fannie and Freddie are (or were) private corporations with an implicit federal guarantee, and until this week hadn't cost taxpayers a dime. Also, my name's not Billy. And, if I didn't expect people to look up the stories I've posted, I wouldn't link to them. You're welcome to draw your own conclusion, idiotic as they may be. That's what the Internet's for.


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