Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mr. Brooks

Posted on Thu, May 31, 2007 at 4:00 AM

Mr. Brooks
Studio: MGM
Rated: R
Cast: Kevin Costner, William Hurt
Director: Bruce A. Evans
WorkNameSort: Mr. Brooks
Our Rating: 1.00
Ever wondered why movies made in Hollywood seem to appeal to increasingly dumber audiences? Buy a ticket to Mr. Brooks to become part of the intellectually diminished population that studio execs lower their standards to appease. Mr. Brooks is a serial-killer movie about an affable mass murderer named, you guessed it, Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner), who, while being chased by another has-been actor ' er, police detective ' played by Demi Moore, must deal with his schizophrenic alter-ego (William Hurt playing William Hurt), a douchebag (Dane Cook) with a kill-lust who is blackmailing him in hopes of participating in his next murder, and a daughter (Danielle Panabaker) who apparently shares his homicidal proclivities and needs her virgin ax-murder covered up. Seriously, if you buy a ticket to this, you have no room to complain about the shit that comes out of Hollywood.



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