Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fields of Happy

Posted on Thu, May 10, 2007 at 4:00 AM

Fields of Happy
Label: self-released
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Fields of Happy
Every town has its legacy bands, those whose music's artistic worth eventually becomes obscured by their personalities and omnipresence. There's no greater quintessence of this than Orlando's Gargamel! Always more a part of the local color than the musical vanguard, Gargamel! has survived for 14 years on the life support of their charisma and sense of community, not innovation. Even flamboyant singer Mandaddy states in the press release that the album is nothing new. Sure, their knowingly daft, groove-driven spitball of metal, funk, jam and the kitchen sink is played well, but it doesn't really matter when you're talking about a combination this unimaginative. The songs drip with their scatological, adolescent sense of fun, even occasionally nearing funny. Titles like 'Da Devil's Bawlz,â?� 'Pussy Teeth,â?� 'Dr. Ripper, OBGYN,â?� 'Eat Out of My Buttâ?� and 'Find the Prostateâ?� say it all.



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