Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Strike one, Tony

Posted By on Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 3:57 PM

Local 6 finally aired the first segement of their much-hyped "Guetzloe Files" last night and it was â?¦ pretty damn unimpressive.

In what I imagine was Tony Pipitone's MOST IMPORTANT TV NEWSMAN VOICE (I didn't watch it, I caught the web version), he announced that â?¦ are you sitting down? â?¦ a political consultant was paid to advance the interests of clients! And he may have bent the rules doing it! Dear God, was that the world that just stopped spinning?

OK, there's the hypocrisy angle; Guetzloe is a right-wing oaf who professes to love America, God and the sanctity of something or other, and his client back in 1998 were none other than strip clubs who wanted their dancers to gyrate naked. Actually, in my book, Guetzloe has just come up a notch or two. Way to strike a blow for full-nude strippers, Doug! (Hey Tony, did Doug do any work for the Mons Venus over in Tampa? They're still full nude, last I heard anyway.)

Did you catch the most important part of that last paragraph? If not, here it is: 1998. Pipitone is "breaking" an 8-year-old story. So that's what passes for political intrigue in Orlando.

Come on Tony, what else is in those boxes? A mash note to Rich Crotty, maybe? A copy of The Communist Manifesto? Gotta be something better than what you're showing us.


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