Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Wild Blue Yonder

Posted on Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 4:00 AM

The Wild Blue Yonder
Studio: Subersive Cinema
WorkNameSort: Wild Blue Yonder , The
The idea of Werner Herzog making a self-proclaimed 'science fiction fantasyâ?� may sound intriguing on paper, but fans of the genre ' which Herzog admits to knowing next to nothing about ' will be put off by this maddeningly pretentious docu-fiction mash-up. The Wild Blue Yonder reflects the imagination of a foreign auteur looking at American sci-fi with fresh eyes, but it's unlikely even patient viewers will understand Herzog's perspective. Released on DVD concurrently with its limited theatrical exhibition, The Wild Blue Yonder's only actor is Brad Dourif, playing an alien lamenting his unsuccessful colonization of Earth in direct-camera interviews that border on typically Herzogian unhinged insanity. The convoluted story also weaves languorous shots of astronauts in space with early aviation stock footage, tedious lectures from mathematicians and a mysterious ascent onto the planet of Wild Blue Yonder (shot around Antarctica). The latter is the only mesmerizing respite from this meandering experiment. Three featurettes and a commentary help make The Wild Blue Yonder slightly less muddled.



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