Monday, November 6, 2006

Like a Virgin My Ass

Posted By on Mon, Nov 6, 2006 at 8:58 AM

I'm sorry people, but I can't take this Madonna media circus anymore! And despite my upcoming rant, the Material Girl is not the sole entity responsible for this mess! Why is that white celebrities think its trendy to buy African children? They're human beings, not artifacts or souvenirs. I think it's great that Madonna wants to raise another child. Besides after all of her scandalous years, she probably needs all the good karma she can get. And it's also a nice touch that she spent time visiting orphanages in Malawi. Such a deed should be enough to make up for her sexcapades with Dennis Rodman in God's eyes, right?

But why does the media continue to call the child she wants to purchase, I mean adopt, David Banda an orphan when he has a living parent!! Most of us acknowledge that media coverage on Africa is biased, but does this really have to carry over to celebrities as well? Stop pretending that African families do not exist. If Madonna really wants to donate $ 3 million to help children of Malawi, then fine, but you can't go sporting African babies around London like their Kaballah bracelets!


Now if the media wants to call bullshit on Mrs Ritchie's expedited adoption, then bravo. Because quite frankly, it is bullshit. There are couples throughout the UK on waiting lists 2-3 years long trying to adopt legitmate orphans. So hats off to media sources who refuse to let this, "baby snatching" scheme get swept under the rug. The pace at which Brangelina go around adopting dark babies isn't much different!

But please, acknowledge the entire village where Banda comes from wants a shot at raising this child too, and as they say, "it takes a village to raise a child."

Not a nanny, chauffer and an au pair!

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