Thursday, October 26, 2006

halloween: rules of the game

Posted on Thu, Oct 26, 2006 at 10:19 AM

Today Bloggytown is all about you and your Halloween dilemma. Where to go? How to dress? If you don't have your costume together yet, let us help. And for a selection of Halloween events, go here.

First up, from New York magazine, a list of stylist Joe Zee's Halloween rules:

Unique is better than sexy.

Instead of just being Paris Hilton, be Paris Hilton with a black eye fresh from a catfight. That adds a social commentary.

No captions allowed.
People should understand what you are right away. If you have to explain it, itâ??s not a costume.

A word about wigs.
Buying a rainbow Afro and throwing it on your head isnâ??t a costume. Thatâ??s just lazy.

Donâ??t recycle.
Wearing the same thing is like not wearing a costume at all. Weâ??re not the same person we were years ago.

Walk (but donâ??t cross) the line.
A Senate page and Mark Foley would be funny right now. But I would definitely not dress up as an Amish-killing milkman this year.


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