Thursday, September 28, 2006

Live At CBGB 1982

Posted on Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 4:00 AM

Live At CBGB 1982
Label: MVD DVD
Rated: NONE
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Something of a holy grail of hardcore, the Bad Brains' three-day run at CBGB in late 1982 is spoken of in hushed tones, referred to reverently and as the object of attendance fibs. Audio recordings of the shows have floated around for years and, along with the Black Dots sessions, represent the pinnacle of the band's power. Finally ' finally ' legally obtainable is some reasonably clear video footage of the shows. Four hours of tape have been cut down to a blistering, unmatched 60 minutes of punk-rock power; that this wasn't released as a full boxed set of all the footage is the only disappointment. Bad Brains in '82 were the definition of hardcore's ferocious optimism; their unbridled, soulful attack was the hardest, fastest and most inspirational on the scene. This DVD is one of the last missing links in their legacy and captures the group at their absolute peak. Although the video quality is only as good as can be expected from mid-line equipment from the early 1980s ' somewhere between Urgh! A Music War and an episode of Night Flight ' nobody looks to a Bad Brains video for a lesson in cinematography. Released simultaneously with a CD of the same material, the holy grail is now available to everyone â?¦ and that's exactly as it should be.



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