Thursday, August 5, 2004

Review - Eastern Energy

Artist: Twelve Girls Band

Posted on Thu, Aug 5, 2004 at 4:00 AM

You'll be pleased to know that the disturbing trend of tarting up classical music by having it performed by lovely young people with "hip" and "contemporary" flourishes is not limited solely to the Western classical canon. The literally named Twelve Girls Band consists of a dozen gorgeous Chinese virtuosos who have spiced up their playing with the infusion of pop beats and ... what's this? Oh yeah, a cover of Coldplay's omnipresent "Clocks." Is Eastern Energy pure? No, but purity is both overrated and mutable. Is it necessary? No, but what is? Is it enjoyable? Well, maybe. There's little to be found on Eastern Energy's 15 tracks to truly offend, as everything is performed in a sprightly, accessible fashion that all but obscures the "difficult" bits inherent in the music. Further, it's clear that the "girls" are quite capable musicians, as their zithers and flutes are deployed with notable precision. But in the same way that a group like Bond makes you want to question the concept of cosmic justice, TGB ultimately leaves you feeling a bit cheated. After all, drinking scotch through a party straw doesn't make it any more "fun," it just makes you look stupid.



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