Thursday, May 8, 2003

Review - FMGCVP

Artist: FMGCVP

Posted on Thu, May 8, 2003 at 4:00 AM

Inscrutable name aside, local electronicist Fabian Moncada (well, that explains at least the first two letters in the acronym) has managed to come up with a dozen tracks as FMGCVP that are as accessible as they are interesting. Though Moncada has clearly not settled on a style that suits him best -- there's an awful lot going on here -- each avenue he treks down is explored thoughtfully. With a fairly vibrant IDM scene bubbling up from laptops all across Orlando, it's unsurprising that this largely homespun phenomenon is quickly yielding creations such as "FMGCVP." Artists like Moncada aren't beholden to rehearsal spaces or studio rental; if they've got an idea that pleases them, they just go plunk it out on their iBook. Thankfully, there's a large emotional palette for contemporary electronic artists to work from, and Moncada injects his tracks with copious amounts of sensitivity and ambience, rather than going for the glitch factor. Whether he's blipping his way through obscurity (the eight minutes of "Tre" seem largely structure-free, but are nonetheless evocative) or deconstructing techno clichés into something appealing ("A Londen"), there's an analog warmness to these tracks that makes them quite effective. (CDs available from



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