Thursday, May 8, 2003

Review - Flower With No Color

Artist: Yoshimi and Yuka

Posted on Thu, May 8, 2003 at 4:00 AM

Flower With No Color
Label: Ipecac
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Flower With No Color

Switch "flower" and "color" in the title of this avant-garde collaboration between Boredoms noisemaker Yoshimi "P-wei" Yokota and Cibo Matto wallpaper woman Yuka Honda, and you'll have a pretty good sense of what these ladies are up to. Musically, they're speaking in a private language of gestures and flourishes that exists for it's own sake, not as a means to argue strongly or make any sort of real point. Those melting synths dripping all over the after-dinner ivory-tickling on "UMEgination" are a morning yawn followed by mumbled recountings of the previous evening. "KoRoKoKoRo'N Insects" -- which should have been named "Carl Stalling strolls whistling through Japan" -- resembles the reading of directions that prove to be disastrously wrong. It's not until the 26-minute suite "Mow Deck in Eye" that Yokota and Honda get nearest to an actual conversation. Light, inquisitive piano trills nuzzle percussive hedging as chuckling keyboards mingle with low-octave piano murmurs; the duo tries to execute one bizarre operatic acrobatic after another. Excursions outside of this compositional lexicon are less compelling -- "SPY said ONE" sounds like Isotope 217 rehearsing on a lazy day with extra electronics and a "no drum kits" rule in effect -- but only slightly, and if you're not hypnotized when the final notes sound, you were never awake.



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