Saturday, October 16, 1999

Review - This or That

Artist: Sway & King Tech featuring DJ Revolution

Posted on Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 4:00 AM

If we can still get away with talking about "keeping it real" then Sway & King Tech keep it real. These guys eat, sleep and breathe hip hop -- now the proof is on disc. "This or That," the duo's new offering, is a fresh, coherent statement from beginning to end: Be true to the music, don't wear shiny suits, don't drink Alize, just pass the mic and maybe bust a move (or at least a handstand or something).

When Sway, King Tech and their homeboy DJ Revolution mix tracks it sounds like the old-school making love to the new. But mixing good music only means that Sway, Tech and Revolution have vision. They've got skills, too. And they flex them on dramatic intros, like the out cold, KRS-1-infused Dirty Harry theme, "The Number One Crew" and by the original beats they lay, like the one on "Get You Mad," Eminem's fuck the industry, Master P, ICP and Puff Daddy cut. Sway and King Tech (like the Beat Junkies) musically continue the trend of West Coast DJs dropping the hottest East Coast flavored jams, but there are still too many verses that waste good beats talking about player haters, guns and money.

Overall, "This or That" is a dope product that will play in your car, or even better in your headphones while you lamp on public transportation. But you can't blame Sway and Tech if KRS-1 didn't flow on every track. So maybe they aren't necessarily the self-appointed saviors of hip-hop, but they throw down a hot mix.



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