;Just another pol

;I was reading with interest the article on Scott Randolph, thinking that this was a fun and interesting race ["Can this guy knock off Sheri McInvale?" Oct. 12] until I came upon his words at the end of the article referring to his fellow Republican politicians if he did win. He said, "Your job is to embarrass them." With that one statement he proved he is no different, and in fact possibly worse, than the insane partisan playing on both sides of the political fence.;

;No, Scott, your job would be to work together to represent your constituents, maybe you forgot that part. Perhaps all politicians — no matter if they are Democrat or Republican or if they fall "somewhere between polished and uncouth" — should remember that. It just happens to be why our government was formed. Those of us in the real world, no matter what our political affiliation, are sick of this from both parties.;

;John DiDonna, Sanford


;;Stick around, Bao

;I just read your article in the most current Orlando Weekly about the Boutros Boutros, Sugar Oaks, Watch Me Disappear and Fightero show at Back Booth on Oct. 6 ["This little underground," Oct. 12]. As a member of Boutros and Fightero, I appreciate any article that gets published, even if it is primarily derogatory.;

;With that being said, your review of the show was incomplete because there was nothing written about Fightero. I know it's hard to stick around for a full night of local music, but as a writer I would expect you to be a little more thorough than the average concertgoer.;

;I am not upset about any of the comments written about Boutros, and I am rather a bit tickled. I think it was decently accurate. My only advice would be to stick around for all of the acts next time. Maybe some of the things that were a bit confusing during the Boutros set would have remedied themselves during the Fightero performance.;

; Phil Swasey, via the Internet;


;Damn lies and statistics

;;I'm a little mystified by the statistics in the sidebar of "By the numbers"[Oct. 5]. If the murder rate in District No. 1 went up 200 percent, that means it is three times higher than last year, right? If there was no change, it went up 0 percent, if it doubled, it increased by 100 percent, and thus 200 percent is a factor of three. With two corpses in 2006, that means 2005 must have had two-thirds of a murder. I suggest Darrell Huff's classic How to Lie With Statistics, a 1954 classic that is back in print. Anything with a percent and no other numbers is always suspect, particularly if it proves a point.;

;;Al Pergande, Orlando


;;Hidden agenda

;I have lived in Belle Glade since 1970. I know we have problems, just like your beautiful Orlando ["Welcome to beautiful Belle Glade," Oct. 5]. When you write such a poor and irresponsible article about our town you either have a hidden agenda or you are a very weak newspaper or both.;

;; Juan Tellechea, Belle Glade;;

;Damn Christians;

;The fact that people think that atheists are goat-blood drinkers and other nonsense shows just how closed-minded and judgmental Christians are ["Atheists among us," Sept. 14]. Aren't they supposed to love their neighbor and let God judge? Yet they make complete judgment on others and swear them to hell with complete ignorance of another race, religion or belief. And they love to title something as evil, especially when they have no idea what it's about. It is ridiculous how they celebrate their ignorance.;

;;M. Jeanean Winner, via the Internet

;;; letters@orlandoweekly.com

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