Bring it on;

By invoking the Harris Act, assistant city attorney Kyle Shephard isn't fooling anyone ["History denied," Dec. 4]. The public mistakenly thought his charge was to protect and defend our ordinances, not to pick them apart at public meetings.;

The "clear as mud" Harris Act has been hanging around for 13 years. It comes and goes in cycles. It's a buzzword for developers and attorney's to get what they want when all else fails. We heard it continually when the city banned tandem developments from designated historic districts. The city ignored the threats and nothing happened.;

It's been obvious from the beginning that the city wants this development as much as the developer and they're going to do anything in their power to make it happen, even if it means watering down our preservation ordinance or discouraging the public from pursuing future historic districts and landmarks. The city of Orlando has lost all creditability by choosing the easy way out and caving in to idle threats.;

So, you want to sue? Stop threatening and bring it on. Some things are worth fighting for. Our history is one of them.;

Sue McNamara, Orlando;

The world is watching;

Thanks for this article ["Trash talk," Dec. 4]. I don't care to be part of the Orlando scene, but I can appreciate [Defame Orlando's] existence if only because it ought to teach everyone involved an important lesson: if you're going to behave poorly in public in an era of instant verbal and visual communication, it will be out there for anyone to find. If you actively work to be part of any "scene" – as a partygoer, a promoter, musician, socialite – you will be scrutinized, and you will be talked about. Isn't that what you want?;

Is Defame Orlando mean and unfair? Perhaps. But if you're going to be a public figure of any stripe, you have to be prepared to take the negative critique and nasty comments, be they out of honest opinion or jealous hatred. And as stated before, be very aware of what, who, how and why you're doing what you're doing, because it will be out in the virtual world in seconds. Put the drink down, take a second and think.;

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Vapid and unhip;

After reading the print article, I wrote this on the Defame blog and it was approved then immediately taken down ["Trash talk," Dec. 4]. This just goes to show how spineless and trivial the blog truly is. "Finally. A blog showing just how vapid and unhip this town can be.";

And you follow suit by floundering to produce something witty or articulate about the entire spectacle. I was genuinely excited when I read the cover of the Orlando Weekly; somehow, you failed to produce an article about someone making fun of hipsters and the cultural ghost town that is Orlando's downtown. With a lack of national touring musical acts, an art scene, or somewhere to shop that isn't Urban Outfitters, the term "hipster" shouldn't even apply to such a brood.;

I'm beginning to see why [Defame's author] left New York. Welcome to the little, vapid pond. And by conceding "you're not a writer," you are copping out to this being some big ironic joke.;

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Moose stew;

In reference to those unusual armadillo recipes that were published in Orlando Weekly ["Texas turkey time," Nov. 20]: I think Sarah Palin missed a great opportunity with the now infamous moose stew.;

She should've cooked up a couple of big pots of moose stew and served it at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Talk about a missed photo opportunity. She could have taken her family, including the pregnant daughter's baby daddy, and John and Cindy McCain, with her.;

If Palin made me a plate of moose stew I would try it, even though I said I would never eat a stew made out of Bullwinkle.;

Wes Pierce, Orlando;;

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